How to Achieve the Perfect 1950s Red Lip August 26 2014

As any vintage fashion follower knows, the red lip was a staple to most 1950s starlets’ looks. It appeared that everyone who was anyone was flaunting the scarlet lip. Thus, we are here to help you recreate the perfect red lip to ensure that your makeup is as authentic as the rest of your 1950s ensemble.

Step 1: Prepare Your Pout

First off you will need a silky canvas which is pre-prepared and ready to be painted. To achieve smooth lips you may need to get rid of excess dead skin. One of the best ways to do this is to use a gentle exfoliator. You can make a homemade exfoliator with the contents of your kitchen cupboard - mix together a couple of teaspoons of sugar with some honey (enough to make a paste) and then rub into your lips. Depending on the surface of your lips, you may want to choose granulated sugar for a little spruce up or brown sugar (which has larger crystals) to get dry lips into better condition. Rinse after a couple of minutes of gentle massaging.



Step 2: The Hollywood Smile

This is an optional step for those of you who wish to have an absolutely flawless smile. Even though red lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter, you may want to use a whitening toothpaste before embracing the scarlet smile. When one wears a striking red lipstick, it draws attention to the mouth and consequently the teeth, so if you want to achieve a sparkling white smile, use a whitening toothpaste of your choice beforehand to feel super confident and ready for your close-up.



Step 3: Face First 

Make sure to finish applying makeup to the rest of your face first before starting on your lips. The reason? It is quite a challenge to apply eyeliner with precision or a base layer of foundation without smudging a freshly-applied lipstick - trust us, we speak from experience! Plus no matter how hard you try, once smudged, red lipstick is quite a devil to remove from the face without removing other pre-applied makeup and you may have to start all over again.

Step 4: Banish the Bleed

To ensure your chosen lipstick doesn’t bleed out from your lips and create an unsightly smudge around your mouth, use a lipliner to create a barrier. We recommend using one in a slightly darker shade than your chosen lipstick to really make your lips stand out and accentuate certain features such as your angelic Cupid’s bow.

Step 5: Pick the Perfect Shade

For a super authentic 1950s starlet shade, choose a pillar box red. We’re talking a no holds barred, loud and proud, scene-stealing scarlet red. Think ‘Stop’ signs or Coca-Cola red for true vintage Hollywood glitz. 


Step 6: Apply

Once you have found your perfect shade, apply your lipstick from the middle of the lip. Press your lips together gently. To eradicate lipstick stains on your teeth, place your index finger into your mouth as if it were a straw. Carefully remove and you will find that your finger is coated in a ring of excess lipstick which may have ended up on your pearly whites!

Step 7: Sustain

To ensure your pout lasts, use a lipstick sealer such as Lipcote. Lipstick sealers are magic vials of liquid that when applied directly on top of your lipstick, create a protective layer that makes your color stay put. Blot your lips on a tissue, apply your sealer and keep your lips slightly open until it has dried. Et voilà! Your 1950s lip is completed. Now choose your favorite Whispering Ivy dress to accompany your glamorous new look!